Our automatic sandblasting cabinet bought nearly 30 years ago, was only replaced after the Tradex 2017 trade show. We actually replaced it with the Futura cabinet we had on our stand. This just proves how good the Goldmann cabinets and dustless units are. We are proud to be the UK distributer for Goldmann machines and spares. They may be a bit more expensive than the rest being built to a specification rather than a budget, but 30 years on we don't think our 'ancient' machine owed us anything!

Goldmann have a variety of dustless systems available along with the fully automatic cabinets.


 The 40 PD is the most popular dustless system sold by Goldmann. It can be upgraded to drive the Futura cabinet, as well as offering the best performance due to it's large 6mm boron nozzle and optional 3 phase   exctraction. The system can be fully automated with a number of options but we just use ours alongside the automatic cabinet for things like grave numbers and single line inscriptions.

TWS-K Small portable dustless sandblast system of injection/siphon system 1.400 Watts vacuum, filter cartridge 0,72 m², quality “M”, electric shaking device,
blasting head 1019 D with 3 m pressure hose, sandblast hose and recovery hose,nozzle head 1019. Complete with pneumatic and electric switchboard with telecommand.

The Duplo is a small mobile pressure blasting unit. It has a 12L sandblast pot with recovery system, pneumatically controlled mixing valve with control button at the blast head. It can be dismantled and packed into the back of an estate car for taking out into cemeteries..

Sandblast cabin Futura with pressure blaster


The Futura is an Automatic cabinet featuring a self contained roller curtain. Automation is provided by a single field, Mitsubishi PLC, sensor and measuring suite. Manual adjustment and positioning are provided by an ergonomic joystick control with limiting sensors. A counter balanced, brush sealed curtain, with toughened viewing window that runs the width of the blasting aperture, illuminated by two LED lateral lamps.
Jobs are easily inserted via large door and telescopic roller track system.
Safety systems include fully automatic and manual emergency shut off.

(Click here for a short video we made to showcase just how effective, quick and safe dustless blasting is...)

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