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Rubber Based (Anchor) Tapes are an American stencil tape, usually supplied on a 10 yard roll (click the logo to download more information):


IPG Anchor Brand Stencil Products


Anchor 111 – White – Low-Tack

This tape is a fairly thick rubber tape with an easy release white liner. A filler is required to ensure tape is secured firmly to the stone. Stock widths: 12", 18", 25", 30" Available to order: 15", 20"


Anchor 125 – Orange – High-Tack

Originally designed as a hand cut this tape can be used on flat-bed plotters, friction feed plotters may struggle to keep the tape straight because of the orange easy release liner, which can de-laminate.


116 (15'')

This tape was originally designed to be used on untreated wood. On visiting the USA on a trip to the Anchor factory we saw this tape and realised it's potential for the stone industry. It has since become the most popular individual anchor product. It is a sprocketed tape suitable for use on most plotters, the sprockets fit the gerber plotter, Can still be used on Friction plotters.


155 (20'' & 24'')

Following the success of the 116 tape Anchor released this tape to target the friction fed plotters. It is identical to the 116 but has no holes in the liner. The tape comes in the more familiar 20” and 24” widths suitable for most friction feed plotters.


117 (15”), 153 (20" and 24") and 157 (30”)

The low-tack version of the anchor 116 and 155 tapes.


T226 (15'', 20'' and 25'')

T226 is Anchor's answer to the cheaper PVC based tapes and can be cut by a laser. It is also plotter friendly and can be cut by hand - comes with a paper backing material.



PVC Based (StoneMask) tapes are our own range of tapes, usually supplied on a 10 meter roll (Click on the logo for a video on how easy it is to weed our StoneMask Orange tape using our PrikPens):



Stonemask 2000 – Blue – 15”, 20” and 24” high tack

The Stonemask range is a range of pvc tapes designed by ourselves specifically because we wanted an alternative to anchor tapes. The 2000 is a blue pvc tape 45 microns thick and comes with a white paper backing.



Stonemask 3000 – Green – 15”, 20” and 24” high tack

This tape has the same construction as the 2000 but is a translucent green in colour and comes on a clear liner. This has one major advantage that you can see through the tape when positioning it on the stone, thus enabling you to see any existing lettering or design on the stone when locating the new lettering. The colour can cause some confusion with the StoneMask 2000 blue, as it is a bluey-green; it's the clear backing liner which confirms it as 3000.




Stonemask Pink – 12”, 18” and 24” (0.35mm) high tack

The StoneMask Pink 35 was launched at the NFE in 2009. It's a translucent PVC based tape which comes on a clear liner like the green, enabling the user to see through the tape when lining up stencils on the stone. The cut lines on the tape are clearly visible which makes for easier weeding out. And finally for the more frugal amongst us, the backing liner can be recycled or even used to protect the glass in your cabinet.



        Stonemask Orange – 12”, 18” and 24” (0.45mm) high tack

       StoneMask Orange 45 has now become our go-to tape for all polished jobs. It was the natural development of the hugely popular StoneMask Pink; being slightly softer but at 0.1mm thicker, more blast resistant. It sometimes get's referred to as 'Yellow' because we had some 'fun' picking an orange colour that would work well...

***Pssst! Blast Shop Hint*** Our Pink & Orange tapes DO NOT need an application tape to keep the centres of letters in place...



       Stonemask Overblast 24 ''(0.25mm) high tack (Stone Protection)

       StoneMask Overblast 24'' is a tape specifically designed to be used as overblast protection of the stone - It is based on the Pink & Orange tapes, but thinner.



Paper Based tapes are slowly being phased out by manufacturers - However, there are still a few types still available:



This paper tape comes in 3 different sizes (6”, 9” and 12” widths). It has a liner which allows you to feed it through a photocopier which is often used to transfer designs onto the tape for hand cutting. We recommend that you use a heated knife to cut this tape, you will probably agree once you've tried using a cold blade!



This paper tape comes in 3 different sizes (6”, 9” and 12” widths). It has no liner on the tape so you need to stick it directly to the stone before you put the design onto it. As with the other paper tape (Barnier) we recommend that you use a heated knife when cutting the tape.



Overblast and Masking Tapes:


    We sell a wide varyity of PVC and Gafffa Overblast Tapes, as well as paper masking (application tapes. Usually availabe in 2'', 4'' & 6''.) They are extremely strong and do not leave any adhesive residue.


***Pssst! Blast Shop Hint*** We love our Orange Gaffa tape as it works especially well with the StoneMask Range....

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