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We also sell normal blast pots for use either in your own cabinet or outside with expendable grit. Hodge Clemco pots are the industry standard blast pot for performance, mobility, safety and quality of construction. These high performance machines include many unique features:

  • Roll bar handles protecting operator and valve work
  • Low centre of gravity for easy movement
  • Large bore pipework for efficient air flow
  • Large access plate for easy maintenance
  • Sold as a Complete Mason's Package - All you need is a suitable compressor and some grit and you should be blasting!


Available in four sizes with a choice of metering valve to suit all abrasives and applications. Comes complete with 3m of sandblast hose, nozzle holder, tungsten nozzle, water separator, pressure regulator, remote control valve and deadman's handle.

               'We have just re-launched our All-New-And-Improved Mini-Blaster'

It has upgraded pipe-work, a more robust and accurate regulator/water seperator and gauge and a quicker, more responsive pressurisation system...






We recently started acting as a distributer for a company in the US that manufactures a fantastic sandblast system that makes light work of any shaded design work. The PAB blaster offers exceptional blasting control with instantaneous stop/start control via the easy to use gun. he system is so easy to use that a complete novice can create shaded work with relative ease (Currently Unavailable).

***Pssst! Blast Shop Hint*** Click on the images to see a video of the PAB's in action...




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