New-And-Improved Mini-Blaster

MB0001 (Unavailable)

The All-new Blast Shop Mini-Blaster is a 2 Litre capacity pressure pot designed for small blasting projects and fine detail work. The portable Mini-Blaster comes complete with a foot control valve, a pressure regulator/gauge/water trap, safety valve, blast hose, a nozzle holder and a 2mm tungsten nozzle. All you need is some fine grit, an air supply and you’re on your way! 


Technical specifications:

Pressure air: Max.10 bar.

Tank capacity: 2 Litres. Abrasive Capacity: Approx. 4 kg of aluminium oxide.

Dimensions: 485mm x 255 x 190mm.

Recommended Abrasives: Aluminium Oxide Grit: 60/80 – 80/120 – 180/220

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