The Duplo by Goldmann



Mobile and compact dustless sandblasting unit, designed with easy transportation in mind. 12Ltr sandblast pot with self contained recovery system GS/AR standard.

1600 Watt extraction motor, coupled with filter cartridge capable of 0,72 m² “M” filtration. Easily maintained with electric shaking device.

Standard dustless blasting head 1019D with 4 mm nozzle made form boron carbide. Includes all the necessary hoses, mixing valve 453 D, pneumatically operated, with electric switch board and tele-command.

Average Inscription Time –  15 - 20 mins

CFM Requirements – 17/30 (Depending on PSI)

Recommended Abrasive – 40/60 Aluminium Oxide or 35/70 Sintered Aluminium Oxide.

Length:  800mm

Width:    550mm

Height:  1750mm

Weight:  70kg



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