Photoblast Stencils

Photoblast stencils have been around for some time now. Our designs and techniques have proved particularly reliable whilst providing the level of detail one would expect from a printing procedure. Choose from a vast range of designs and sizes our photoblast catalogue has something in it for everyone. The catalogue is now available online and will be updated with any new designs as they become available. There's something for everyone in the photoblast range, from Cars to Crosses, Flowers to Footballs and Aeroplanes to Animals.
If you can't find what you're looking for then give us a call, we can also create one off stencils from your own artwork. It is always preferable to work from original artwork, photocopies and faxes are definitely not good enough. Digital images need to be high resolution,  a sensible minimum would be 1200 x 900 pixels depending on how large the stencil needs to be. Images taken from the internet are often a lot lower resolution than this and are generally unsuitable for use. It can be possible to fix defects in some images, such as scratches or tears, though this is more time consuming and it is likely that some signs of the repair will always be visible. Prices for one off/Bespoke stencils vary according to the time taken but start off around £40-£60. You can see a constantly growing selection here.