Hodge Clemco Mason's Package


1028NC Blast Machine (Example)

Contractor type optimised Mason's package, portable abrasive blast cleaning machine fitted with
pinch type abrasive metering valve with rubber sleeve, heavy duty automatic sealing pop up valve
RMS remote control valve assembly with silencer, 1” bore pressure regulator kit,
Special hose coupling adaptor, 1½” bore moisture separator/air filter, compressor hose fitting
2040 Dimensions: 810mm x 960mm x 1100mm tall, Dry weight: 136 kgs, Capacity: 89 litres
1440 Dimensions: 800mm x 670mm x 1070mm tall, Dry weight: 110 kgs, Capacity: 41 litres
1 x CAB383FGPKIT Pressure cabinet foot valve kit
1 x HOSE7R5 Red air hose assembly 5m x 1/4” coupled
1 x HOSE7Y5 Yellow air hose assembly 5m x 1/4” coupled
1 x HOSE1L Blast hose assembly 5m x 1/2” i.d. x 1.1/8” o.d. blast hose fitted with CQ 0 quick
coupling and nozzle holder
1 x CT2L Nozzle tungsten carbide lined 1/8” orifice …. Other nozzle sizes available
1 x RM21A Spring loaded steel deadmans handle

(Click here for a short video showcasing the 1028's features & installation...)

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