Goldmann 40 PD


The 40 PD is the most popular dustless system sold by Goldmann. It can be upgraded to drive the Futura cabinet (the modern equivalent of our 30 year old model) as well as offering the best performance due to it's large 6mm boron nozzle and optional 3 phase exctraction. The system can be fully automated with a number of options but we just use ours alongside the automatic cabinet for things like grave numbers and single line inscriptions.

Class leading dustless, self-contained sandblasting machine. Including heavy-duty abrasive
mixing valve, pneumatically ccontrolled by simple operation. Blasting material can be easily
seperated from pressure pot. Easily set-up for continued and consistent operation. Dust is
filtered by two-phase cyclone, ensuring that the dust and reuseable abrasive are seperated
correctly. Cartridge style filter with manual shaker exceeds all current H&S requirements.
Single or 3Phase phase extraction motor (Silencer & HEPA Available on PD), Easily operated
blasting head with 6 mm sandblast nozzle made of durable boron carbide, 3m hoses,
electric switch board and telecommand and vacuum detection device, ensure safe operation.

Average Inscription Time – 10-15 mins
CFM Requirements – 60/70
Recommended Abrasive – 40/60 Aluminium Oxide or 35/70 Sintered Aluminium Oxide.

Length: 1250mm
Width: 750mm
Height: 1800mm
Weight: 240kg


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