The Futura Automatic Cabinet


Futura – Automatic cabinet featuring a self-contained roller curtain. Automation is provided by a single field, Mitsubishi PLC, sensor and measuring suite.

Manual adjustment and positioning are provided by an ergonomic joystick control with limiting sensors. Counter balanced, brush-sealed curtain, with toughened viewing window that runs the width of the blasting aperture, illuminated by two LED lateral lamps.

Jobs are easily inserted via large door and telescopic roller-track system.

Safety systems include fully automatic and manual emergency shut-off.

Blasting Area W 1.200 x H 1.100 mm W 1.200 x H 1.100 mm

Average Inscription Time – 10 mins

CFM Requirements – 100 (6mm Boron Carbide Nozzle As Standard)

Recommended Abrasive – 40/60 Aluminium Oxide or 35/70 Sintered Aluminium Oxide.

Length: 2250 mm (2600 With Track)

Width: 1000 mm

Height: 2400 mm

Weight: 1,250 kg





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