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31/10/19 The lastest Newsletter can be found here: http://www.theblastshop.co.uk/pdfs/5dadd3b0c111cBSNEWS2019-4%20PostTradex%202019.pdf

25/09/19 Take a 360° tour around our temperature controlled and eco-friendly warehouse: 


11/07/2019: #Craftex2019 'Most Innovative Memorial Design Award', representing us here at @The_Blast_Shop Shop. Steam-Punk inspired, 'The Ordovician Time Machine' - Includes a deep carved Ammonite, Gilded Photoblast and Lettering - Backwards 'Barber Clock' and pipe-work - All on Welsh Slate:

Goldmann has recently launched the Goldmann Star-1 dustless sandblaster. The machine is an entry level dustless sandblaster designed primarily for the sole, but quality conscious mason. It uses many of the same parts as the Goldmann Duplo mobile sandblaster but is designed for use in a workshop environment. Grit control is via a pneumatic control valve, extraction is provided by a powerful extraction motor which has an automatic bag shaker built in removing the need to shake the bags manually. More details on the Goldmann Star-1 dustless sandblaster. Details on the rest of the Goldmann range of sandblasters can be found on our Goldmann machinery page. 

We've been using our dustless machine since 1985 and whilst it doesn't do as much work as our automatic cabinet it is still in use every day doing grave numbers and our logo on each memorial. 

For more information or to place an order please call 0161 351 6545


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